Sennheiser wants to conquer Virtual Reality

Sennheiser has acquired a German specialist for VR and AR software: Dear Reality. The company is to be continued as an independent company and will launch joint solutions with Sennheiser on the market.

No doubt that virtual reality will blow up in the next few years, Sennheiser will also be part of it. On campus talk, between celebrities or everywhere you go, VR is currently seen as one of the next big things.

The new managing directors of Dear Reality (from left): Uwe Cremering, Achim Fell and Christian Sander. “We have been working closely with Sennheiser as an investor and partner for a year and a half now and are delighted to become part of the Sennheiser family,” Achim Fell and Christian Sander, the founders of Dear Reality, quote in a press release.

The German audio specialist Sennheiser acquired a majority stake in the German provider of spatial audio algorithms and virtual reality and augmented reality audio software on 1 July. Dear Reality is now to be continued as an independent company. According to Dear Reality, it offers tools for immersive 3D audio production.

  • After the tough 2017 financial year, Sennheiser achieved higher sales and profits in 2018. Read more about how Sennheiser achieved the turnaround here.
  • The managing directors and founders Fell and Sander will remain. But they will be joined by Uwe Cremering as their third managing director.
  • He is responsible for the Ambeo division at Sennheiser. Sennheiser wants to continue the existing products and supplement them with joint solutions.

“With the acquisition of Dear Reality, we are pleased to be able to strengthen our Ambeo program with additional highly qualified software experts and further 3D audio products,” says Co-CEO Daniel Sennheiser. “At the same time, we want to use the power of the Sennheiser brand and the global distribution capabilities of Dear Reality to create greater scope for action”.

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