The Future of Communicating With Virtual Reality

apple-1282240_960_720He’s everywhere, he’s anybody and he understands everything. It summarizes the way the world will be in 10, 30 and 40 years, focused in virtual universes and encounter. The old world attempted to prevent the easiness for prohibited copyright problems and the freedom the new world offers, the exact same media started to digitalize the users did also.

Now any man can be both a manufacturer and a consumer of advice and with the generalization of the virtual universe in the Internet, individuals can now have different online identities. 2011 can become the inflexion point, because of the enormous marketing investment in the internet, digital newspapers are now a substantial merchandise where anyone can read anything at anytime.

Video forecasts point towards 2015 date where papers, television and terrestrial digital platforms will vanish and radio is only going to be heard online. The media world will be less and less and just the big groups will survive.

Static info will be transformed in knowledge flow and marketing will be selected by the content creators and writers to turn it into advice, comparison and encounter.

  • In 2020, Lawrence Lessin, writer of “Free Culture”, will function as new Justice Secretary in America and will declare copyright prohibited.
  • New apparatus will have the ability to repeat the five senses and we will all have an avatar to locate information, people and locations on earth for us.
  • Additionally, Google will start a conventional interface to connect to the avatars.

In 2050 Prometeus will buy Areas and Spirit creating the biggest virtual life marketplace in earth. Additionally, this same firm will fund space travel to find new spaces because of its customers. In accordance with the video – Encounter is the New Reality, a daring but definitely appealing forecast. We are going to simply need to wait and see if they become reality.